Tuesday, February 5, 2008 | 7:00pm
Doors open for full bar and table service at 6:00pm
Luciano Berio Sequenza VII for violin (1976)
Lisa Bielawa Synopsis #9: I don't even play the bassoon (2008)*
Lisa Bielawa Synopsis #10: I know this room so well (2008)*
Jennifer Slowik, English horn
Donald Crockett to be sung on the water (1988) for violin and viola
Eric Moe Eight Point Turn (2001)
William Norine 3 Fugues for Drumset (1979)
Robert Schulz, percussion
Jacob Ter Veldhuis Lipstick (1998) for flute, alto flute, and boombox

*World Premiere

Hosted by Lisa Bielawa, Composer in Residence

Bringing new music to uncommon places. Experience brand new music in a back room setting, headlined by BMOP musicians. Witness the evolution of Lisa Bielawa's Synopses project-music composed in residence for solo artists. Enjoy Club Cafe's full menu and bar throughout the night.

Tickets are available for purchase online through the American Repertory Theater website or by calling the A.R.T. Box Office at 617.547.8300 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).