BMOPs recording of Corigliano: Lord of Cries, released by Pentatone, nominated for Best Opera Recording.

Set in a Bronx hospital in the late 1960s, Tobias Picker: Awakenings tells the true story of neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks, who received worldwide acclaim for awakening survivors of the “sleeping-sickness” epidemic of the 1920s from their decades-long, frozen-like state with the drug L-DOPA.

Three Concertos from Samuel Jones for flute, violin and trombone.

In the latest release from BMOP/sound, Joan Tower's captivating compositional language showcases the deftness and bravura of the concerti soloists. Using past as prologue, she looks to Beethoven for inspiration all the while employing imaginative melodies and mesmerizing rhythms. Don't miss the latest tour-de-force of this renowned American female composer.