Quirky woodcuts, medieval poetry, and Kansas City fountains: The Ascent of the Equestrian in a Balloon is a three-decade look into the creative mind of composer Stephen Hartke.

Can't decide if you want to bathe in orchestral sonorities, marvel at the abilities of a virtuoso, or jam to some Michael Jackson? You can have it all, with Anthony Paul De Ritis's brilliantly conceived and performed Pop Concerto, starring guitarist Eliot Fisk! This disc also features the stylings of Patrick de Ritis's electrified bassoon in Riflessioni, the peerless fearless piano duo X88 in Ballet, and the orchestral tapestry Amsterdam. Party time!

BMOP/sound proudly presents work of the late great Steven Stucky on our 50th release. From 1987's Concerto for Orchestra, less well-known than his Pulitzer Prize-winning Second Concerto for Orchestra, to the spare but eloquent song cycle American Muse, featuring baritone Sanford Sylvan, to the vibrant Rhapsodies, Stucky's musical voice is one to treasure.