BMOP partners with the Fine Family, the Irving Fine Society, and Brandeis University to celebrate a slice of American music history in A Fine Centennial (photo: Shapero, Fine, et al, Tanglewood, 1946 courtesy of Irving Fine Collection, Library of Congress, Music Division)

Spratlan: mythology, summer vignettes, struggle expressed via saxophones. Davis: political commentary, groove, Balinese-influenced polyrhythms, pianistic virtuosity. Take your pick!

Reviews are in from the Boston Classical Review and Boston Musical Intelligencer.

Air-raid sirens! Propellers! Synchronized player pianos! A battery of polyrhythms! Ballet Mécanique was a mad genius's eccentric plot until technology evolved, the following century, far enough to realize it. Plus the manic, flashy stylings of A Jazz Symphony.

Gil Rose, conductor

In 1996, Gil Rose set out to restore a widening disconnect between contemporary audiences and contemporary music. Today BMOP remains dedicated to its mission and is the leading orchestra for commissioning, performing, and recording modern orchestral music.


“We didn’t know how much we needed BMOP until they appeared. Now we do. It is important for all of us who care about music to turn up the heat, and ensure its future.”
— John Harbison

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