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Ung: Singing Inside Aura
Water Rings Overture | Anicca | Antiphonal Spirals | Grand Spiral
BMOP/sound 1044
October 2015
Foss: Complete Symphonies
BMOP/sound 1043
August 2015
Donald Crockett: Blue Earth
Wedge | Viola Concerto
BMOP/sound 1042
May 2015
Irving Fine: Complete Orchestral Works
Toccata Concertante | Notturno | Serious Song | Blue Towers | Diversions | Symphony
BMOP/sound 1041
January 2015
Andrew Norman: Play
BMOP/sound 1040
December 2014
Ruehr: O'Keeffe Images
Shimmer | Vocalissimus | Cloud Atlas
BMOP/sound 1039
September 2014
Crazy Weather
City of Shadows | Northern Lights
BMOP/sound 1038
August 2014
Harrison: La Koro Sutro
Suite for Violin with American Gamelan
BMOP/sound 1037
July 2014
Suspicious Motives Records 888295142915
June 2014
Anthony Davis: Notes from the Underground
You Have the Right to Remain Silent | Wayang V
BMOP/sound 1036
March 2014