Peter Child: Shanti
May 2018
Disc 1: 65:04
    • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
    • Gil Rose, conductor

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    Track listing

    Disc 1 
     Adirondack Voices
    2.I. Miner Hill
    3.II. Donny Dims of the Arrow
    4.III. The Jam on Gerry's Rock
    5.I. Adbhuta (wonder)
    6.II. Karuna (compassion)
    7.III. Bhayanaka (fear)
    8.IV. Hasya (humor)
    9.V. Veera (valor)
    10.VI. Raudra (rage)
    11.VII. Shringar (love)
    12.VIII. Shanti (peace)

    News and Press

    [CD Review] Peter Child: Shanti is on Carson Cooman's "Want List" for 2018

    Once again, my list includes a release from the Boston Modern Orchestra Project’s ongoing and indispensable series of recordings. I’ve long enjoyed Peter Child’s excellent music and have reviewed a past album of his chamber music. This release of his orchestral works is anchored by a particularly strong piece, Shanti, which gives the album its title.

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    [CD Review] Peter Child in ARG

    This album was my introduction to the music of Peter Child. Like Lindberg’s works, Child’s music is multi-faceted and adaptable to whatever idea is at hand. The wild and exuberant Jubal is essentially a symphony-concerto for orchestra, compressed into one 15-minute movement. Adirondack Voices consists of settings of folk songs that were brought to America from UK and spread through Adirondack logging communities. These aren’t simply transcriptions: the textual content of each song informsthe musical content.

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    Peter Child: Shanti (BMOP/sound)

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