Friday, March 25, 2016 | 8:00pm
Pre-concert talk one hour prior to concert
David Del Tredici Child Alice (complete)

Gil Rose, conductor

At this time, all of the tickets to Child Alice have been reserved. Thank you for making this a full house! We will be releasing any unclaimed tickets shortly before the concert begins at 8pm. You must be at Jordan Hall to use these tickets.

Due to a grant from the Recording Industry's Music Performance Trust Fund, BMOP is able to present David Del Tredici: Child Alice free of charge in celebration of our 20th season.

BMOP performs David Del Tredici’s landmark orchestral work Child Alice in a rare complete performance of Part I, In Memory of a Summer Day, and Part II, Quaint Evens—Happy Voices—All in a Golden Afternoon. Del Tredici’s ongoing fascination with both Lewis Carroll’s classic tales and the process behind their creation has led to an evolving project of song cycles that stand out for their vivid characterizations and complexity of meanings. Probing the gray areas between innocence and knowledge, imagination and reality, form and chaos, Child Alice sets texts from the preface poems to Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass for amplified soprano, interspersed with orchestral movements that Del Tredici describes as “chapters from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that got away.” Part I of Child Alice won the Pulitzer Prize in music in 1980.

Metropolitan Opera National Finalist Courtenay Budd is a leading interpreter of Del Tredici’s work and has performed with the composer as accompanist to great acclaim.

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