Friday, November 13, 2009 | 8:00pm
Program Notes hosted by The Score Board at 7:00pm
Edgard Varèse Ionisation (1931)
Lou Harrison La Koro Sutro, for chorus and American gamelan (1973)
Andrew Clark, Artistic Director
George Antheil Ballet mécanique, for eight player pianos, percussion, airplane propellers, electric bells, and siren (1924)

Gil Rose, conductor

The Score Board is a group of New England-based composers serving as BMOP's vanguard of composer-advocates through volunteerism, direct support and activities, community-building, and curating BMOP's annual Club Concert series.

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News and Press

[Concert Review] A congress of noise convened in Jordan Hall

The human desire to produce a loud noise by striking one object with another must be as old as communication itself, and like all histories, it has its high points and lows. The period between the two world wars, for instance, was a very good time for the art and science of banging. The Boston Modern Orchestra Project reminded us of this fact on Friday night with a memorable concert that was in equal parts ambitious musical event, cultural time warp, and sonic magical mystery tour.

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