"I have wanted to play drums as long as I can remember. Ever since I first laid eyes on MTV I knew I was born to sit behind the drums and rock! When the 5th grade class was offered a beginning music class I jumped at the chance. I asked my parents and if I could and my Mom said "You can play anything you want as long as it is not violin or accordion". Not the reaction most parents give upon hearing this request.

I started taking private lessons in 6th grade. As I played and learned more about music I fell in love with all of the percussion instruments. I started playing timpani and marimba along with my drumset studies. As time moved on I began to listen to and play as much music as possible. I started to really enjoy jazz and spent most of my time studying and practicing be-bop and post-bop music and musicians. As my interest in jazz was growing my interest in percussion and its use in new music grew as well. My love of jazz and improvised music along with my love of percussion has lead me to perform, compose and teach contemporary music.

I teach my students to have the skills to do whatever or go wherever their musical interest take them. Good technique and strong knowledge of basic music skills gives a young musician the foundation to do anything they want in the musical world."


Moonshine Room at Club Café | January 29, 2013
Moonshine Room at Club Café | January 17, 2007
Moonshine Room at Club Café | December 5, 2006

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[Concert Review] Change of venue is music to their ears

On Tuesday night, I attended two richly satisfying concerts without stepping foot in a concert hall. The first was a new music program presented by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project at the Moonshine Room of the popular Club Cafe in the South End; the second was a performance by the up-and-coming Parker String Quartet in the Lizard Lounge, a low-slung basement club space in Cambridge. Next month, the Firebird Ensemble will perform in a local barbecue joint.

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