Tuesday, November 16, 2004 | 7:00pm
Doors open for full bar and table service at 6:00pm
John Cage Living Room Music (1940)
Sarah Bob, found objects
Kate Vincent, found objects
Robert Schulz, found objects
Frances White A veil barely seen (2001)
Kate Vincent, viola with tape
Roberto Sierra Bongo-O (1986)
Lee Hyla Third Party (1998)
Sarah Bob, piano
Javier Alvarez Temazcal (1984)
Robert Schulz, maracas with tape
Astor Piazzolla Le Grand Tango (1982)
Sarah Bob, piano
Wayne Siegel 42nd Street Rondo (1984)
Robert Schulz, percussion

Gil Rose, host

Bringing new music to uncommon places. BMOP's exceptional musicians take the stage in the Moonshine Room for these informal Tuesday night concerts. Club Cafe's full bar and menu are available for those wishing to dine during the performance.

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