Yazhi Guo (郭雅志) is a well-known inventor and virtuoso of wind instruments. He is a highly sought-after performer of various Chinese and Western wind instruments on the international stage. Guo is considered the world's great suona virtuoso. Guo graduated from the Folk Music Department of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing in 1990 and stayed on to teach at the Conservatory. In 2000, Guo was appointed principal suona player by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Since 2012, Guo has continued his pursuit of music in the United States. While in the U.S., he has given lectures and concerts at colleges such as Harvard University, The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and Berklee College of Music. During his illustrious career, Guo has won numerous awards. In December 2021, along with several friends, he co-founded the American Academy of World Music and became its first president. Guo set the goal of nurturing future generations of talented multi-ethnic, multi-cultural musicians. Guo is endeavoring towards his dream of promoting a peaceful world through the people and power of music.