Wei Sun (孙薇) is a young guzheng artist from China and principal guzheng player with the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York (CMENY). She was born into a musical family, starting her guzheng journey at the age of six, and is now a certified senior teacher of guzheng and member of the China National Instrumental Association and the International Guzheng Association. In 2016, Wei Sun came to the United States as a guzheng performer and teacher at the CBA Culture and Arts Center, an organization in New York City dedicated to the development of traditional Chinese arts in the spirit of exchange and dialogue with other cultures in the world. Since March 2022, Wei has performed guzheng in the musical Noble Family at the Cutting Room on Broadway. In October 2017, Wei Sun performed at Carnegie Hall featuring her trio band “StringsW” (erhu, guzheng, pipa) that she co-founded. The successful performance, titled ECHO, combined Chinese and Western instruments in arrangements of Chinese folk music and interpretations of classics from the Chinese traditional musical literature.