August 2012
Disc 1: 41:19
Disc 2: 42:43
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

BMOP/sound presents the complete revised version of John Harbison's first opera.

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Track listing

Disc 1 
 Winter's Tale (1974, rev. 1991)
 Act 1
1.Sicilia. Leontes's palace.
2.Dumbshow 1
3.Scene 1: Too hot, too hot!
4.Scene 1: Is he won yet?
5.Scene 1: Inch thick, knee-deep! Over head and ears a fork'd one.
6.Scene 1: Camillo, this great sir will stay here longer.
7.Scene 1: Who does infect her?
8.Dumbshow 2
9.Scene 2: Come now, sit by us, and tell a tale.
10.Scene 2: Do not weep, good fools
11.Scene 2: Be certain what you do, sir
12.Scene 2: Nor night, nor day, no rest
13.Scene 2: My lord! I come from your good queen.
14.Scene 3: Hermione, queen to Leontes, thou art here accused
15.Scene 3: To me can life be no commodity.
16.Scene 3: Then in Apollo's name the oracle
17.Scene 3: This news is mortal to our queen
18.Dumbshow 3
Disc 2 
 Scene 1: What you do still betters what is done.
1.Scene 3: Music; awake her; strike!

News and Press

[News Coverage] Sequenza 21 names John Harbison: Winter's Tale Best of 2012

Boston Modern Orchestra Project, continues to be persuasive advocates for American composers: both live and on CD. Under the direction of Gil Rose, BMOP is one of the few orchestras devoted to American music that regularly – and prolifically – records. Their imprint, BMOP sound, released several noteworthy recordings in 2012. Among my favorites was a double CD of John Harbison’s opera Winter’s Tale, a relatively early work that boasts a wonderfully pungent and engaging score.

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