April 2020
Disc 1: 64:48
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

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Track listing

Disc 1 
 The Fisherman and His Wife (1970)
1.Scene I: A humble hut, with net curtains and a plain stool; dawn
2.Scene II: Seaside; water sparkling blue, sky dawn-pink yielding to fair blue
3.Scene III: The hut; lunchtime
4.Scene IV: Seaside; sea green and yellow, light faintly ominous
5.Scene V: A cottage, with a pleasant garden and velvet chair
6.Scene VI: Seaside; water purple and murky blue, hint of a storm
7.Scene VII: A castle, with a great rural vista, tapestries, and an ivory canopied bed
8.Scene VIII: Seaside; water dark gray, definite howling of sullen wind
9.Scene IX: Flourishes and fanfares of brass
10.Scene X: Seaside; much wind, high sea and tossing, sky red along edges, red light suffuses
11.Scene XI: A papal palace
12.Scene XII: Seaside; storm, lightning, sea quite black. The pit of creation.
13.Scene XIII: A humble hut

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[CD Review] Gapplegate reviews Gunther Schuller: The Fisherman and His Wife

The late Gunther Schuller (1925-2015) was enormously influential on the American musical scene as I grew up. He was a Modern composer of great breadth and originality, one of the main forces behind so-called Third Stream Music which sought to meld Classical and Jazz, a major innovator in music education in his leading role at the New England Conservatory, and a musicologist and author of great consequence, writing among other things the classic Early Jazz.

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