Suspicious Motives Records
June 2014
Disc 1: 46:48
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

This album features two concertos and two pieces for instruments with electronics by composer Eric Chasalow. Each performer is a star. Their personalities and long friendships with Eric shaped each of these pieces.

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CD price: 14.97

Track listing

Disc 1 
 Due (Cinta)mani
1.I. Three Symbolic Gestures
2.II. Cloudbands
 Flute Concerto
3.I. Flight and Confession
4.II. Eggshell, More Like a Heart
5.III. Feather, Breath, Mirror
 Trois Espaces Du Son
6.I. Dramatic, Deliberate
7.II. Driven, With Energy
8.III. Meditative and Resonant
 Horn Concerto
9.I. Lively, Always Pushing Forward
10.II. Meditative, A Long Expanding Breath
11.III. Distant
12.IV. Moving By Angle and Accent