Cover of Anthony Davis: X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X
September 2022
Disc 1: 77:59
Disc 2: 70:56
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

The first recording from BMOP's As Told By: History, Race, and Justice on the Opera Stage is now available digitally!

Purchase your high-quality, DRM-free copy of Anthony Davis: X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X and receive unlimited streaming at BMOP's Bandcamp page. Physical CDs arrive later this month, which you can pre-order below.

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Track listing

Disc 1 
 Act I
2.Scene 1: "Africa for Africans"
3.Scene 1: Louise's Aria, "I remember..."
4.Scene 1: "Reverend Little is dead."
5.Scene 1: "What is going on here?"
6.Scene 1: "Momma, help me."
7.Scene 2: Boston, "Come with me, child."
8.Scene 2: Pool Hall, "Shoot your shot!"
9.Scene 2: Dance Hall, "Just stand real still"
10.Scene 2: "I see..."
11.Scene 3: Malcolm's Aria, "You want the story, but you don't want to know"
 Act II
12.Scene 1: Prison, "In the devil's grip"
13.Scene 1: "You are not empty"
Disc 2 
 Act II (cont'd)
1.Scene 2: 125th St, Harlem, "We are an African people"
2.Scene 2: "When I was little"
3.Scene 3: "If we are going to be free"
4.Scene 3: "Jones is not your name"
5.Scene 3: "We're not askin' Massa to sit at a lunch counter"
6.Scene 4: "We are a nation"
7.Scene 4: "The chickens come home to roost."
8.Scene 5: Malcolm and Betty, "Are you sure?"
 Act III
9.Scene 1: "Betrayal is on his lips"
10.Scene 2: Betty's Aria, "When a man is lost"
11.Scene 2: Mecca, "Bismillah hirrahman-irrahim"
12.Scene 3: Riot
13.Scene 3: "The name is Shabazz"
14.Scene 4: I have learned so much in Africa"
15.Scene 5: Audubon Ballroom