March 2021
Disc 1: 65:57
    • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
    • Gil Rose, conductor

    Featuring the world premiere recording of the complete Pocahontas ballet.

    Also available for hi-res digital download on Bandcamp.

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    Track listing

    Disc 1 
     Pocahontas (1939)
    2.John Smith and Rolfe lost in the Virginia Forest
    3.The Indians ambush John Smith
    4.Princess Pocahontas and her Ladies
    5.John Smith is tortured by Indians and saved by Pocahontas
    6.John Smith presents young Rolfe to Pocahontas, Rolfe and Pocahontas dance
    7.Pavane, Farewell of Indians, Pocahontas and Rolfe sail for England
     The Minotaur (1947)
     SCENE I: King Minos' Palace in Crete
    9.Queen Pasiphae dresses for her tryst with the sacred bull
    10.Pasiphae's dance with the bulls
     SCENE II: Before Labyrinth
    12.Building of Labyrinth
    13.Procession and entrance of King Minos
    14.Sacrifice of the Greek victims
    15.Ariadne dances with Theseus (Pas de Deux)
    16.The Labyrinth
    17.Theseus' farewell as he enters the Labyrinth
    18.Ariadne's thread unwinds
    19.The Fight with the Minotaur
    20.Ariadne rewinds her thread to lead Theseus out of the Labyrinth
    21.Greeks and Theseus emerge from Labyrinth
    22.Theseus and the Greeks prepare to leave Crete